In the beginning, I was so clueless. I wanted to do business, but didn’t know where to start.
So my mentor and I tried to design a dummy business that anyone can do by just learning a few key skills to get it to take off by just following the steps that my mentor has given to me.

But before we found the perfect concept, at first we did not know what the business was going be.
And I just kept asking him. We tried real estate, T-Spring, black chain coins and doing Facebook Ads.

Then one day I had this thought: since it takes up time and brain power to change gears when doing different tasks, and the same thing happens when changing businesses, I asked my mentor that I wanted a business that is related to his, that way it won’t stress him out. At the time he was running a publishing company called BLVNP Inc.

After two days, he came up with the summary making business. And surprisingly enough I got excited about the idea and summary business was born.

Upon acting on the idea, he gave me actions steps to do. One of them was hiring people since it was a writing business. The problem was I didn’t know how to manage people and was even too shy to conduct an interview.

So we tried to set up a system around it, but sometimes, there is no short cut, and I just had to learn it. So my mentor recommended me to read “The One Minute Manager”.

I am so grateful to have a mentor that can just recommend what book I have to read, the best book I can read to learn the skill I needed. It’s life a lifehack!

So I went and read “One Minute Manager”.

The first time I read it I had epiphanies but I was still struggling with how to put it to action, so I read it again and again and again. As far as I can remember I read it more than ten times now and still rereading it. And I don’t think I’m going to stop reading it because managing people is not something you can only read once on a book and shelf it. And even after reading the book that many times, I still have issues on managing people. It’s not perfect yet, but as long as I keep learning and reading I’ll be fine.

Having a mentor indeed is the best chance a start-up entrepreneur can have. It makes everything easier. You just don’t have to waste your time reading a bunch of books and getting lost because someone has pointed out already which is the best book to read, what to learn to get specific skills.

For my readers, reading our summaries can serve as a brief guide but I definitely suggest to get a mentor yourself. Choose the one that is kind and willing.

There is literally an infinite number of books out there, and then you don’t know which book teaches that certain skill you want to learn. It will take you forever to read them all; it’s almost impossible.

I suggest you read our summaries and if you think you like it, get the original book for more details. And again, my strong advice is, get a mentor.

In my case, I did not have to read summaries because I have a mentor who points out what book exactly I would read to learn that skill.

I had a fast ticket in entering the business world, and I want you to also have the chance to have that easy ticket. I don’t want you to waste your time reading a lot of books and sometimes get lost in it without really helping you get what you want. Go ahead and read my summaries and get a mentor.

I had my success so fast because I had a mentor that points out which book has the right information.

Our books here have been read or recommended by my mentor, and a lot of the other mentors I’ve had in my journey. I can guarantee that they can help you in your journey, as I’ve picked them out to what will help you as a goal-oriented person.

Please enjoy my summaries, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate in contacting me at